Thursday, 4 February 2010

M9 - High Fidelity [Triple Darkness]

<a href="">M9 - High Fidelity by melanin 9 aka m9</a>


  1. one of the most played hiphop albums i own , high fidelity has gotta be in everymans collection, and anymans ipod .. its pure damage.. speaks so much sense and the beats are sick.

    i hope for more tracks like this on his upcoming solo stuff..

    and watch out for cyrus .. mans got flow and lyrics unmatchable..

  2. yo bruv. keep doing wat you doing dont stop man, youve inspired me and alot of others its all gud tings comin out from you cyrus, kyza, masikah. keep on dis ting. peace

  3. From Chile..Saludos..Buen Rap

  4. I had to download the mixtape again today. Still one of my favorite uk groups. props to you guys!