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Suspect Packages Live @ Vibe Bar 12th March

Friday the 12th of March is the date for the next 'SUSPECT PACKAGES LIVE' showdown, taking place @ Vibe Live (upstairs @ Vibe Bar), Brick Lane, London, E1. 8-1am.



Entry is £4


Iron Braydz Ft. M9 - 'Devils Death Day' Behind the scenes Video shoot 2010

The making of Iron Braydz first video from the 'Devil May Cry' project. 'Devils Death Day' Ft. M9 was recorded at Tribe 7 Studios with Bloodline Vision. Here's a behind the scenes look at what went down on the day. WATCH OUT FOR THE OFFICIAL VIDEO!

Photographer: Sophie Le Seven

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Iron Braydz - Devil May Cry

This MC, lyricist and producer brings immense passion and energy to his performances like his incredible effort at the Royal Festival Halls main Foyer with a 27 piece orchestra. Iron Braydz has rocked audiences alongside members of Hip Hop royalty (US and UK) including M1 of Dead Prez, Public Enemy, Saigon, Immortal Technique and RZA of Wu-Tang Clan. This rapper is not afraid to deal with politically controversial content in an intelligent and thought provoking way. He has solidified his presence within the UK Hip Hop scene and is now working his way up the US underground scene after recording Hip Hop bangers with the likes of Guilty Simpson, Sean P, M1 of dead prez, Akir, Hasan Salaam, Sav Killz (Braydz and Sav are part of the movement, All Elements founded by DJ J ronin) and many more with his unique style. "I'm hearing some DOPE home grown talent, cats are SLIPPIN in the states!" is the very words that left the mouth of Legendary DJ Marley Marl on 279's Friday night flavors.

Devil May Cry is his first ever solo project, "not album or mixtape, PROJECT" he so passionately states. featuring guest appearances from Hip Hop greats and close friends such as M9, Cyrus Malachi, Guilty Simpson, Sav Killz and many more. "Devil May Cry is on some straight gritty sounding Hardcore Hip Hop tip, I'm doing this for me and my A-alike, and who ever is down of course, I love Hip Hop, and this isa demostration of how deep our conversations can get". This project also features productions from close Friend Chemo, IronBraydz also know by his producer alias IronChrome and up and coming legends Morph beats and Props, and has been mastered by the well-resecpted producer & artist Baby J.

IronBraydz is currently co-hosts his own show 'Iron Rap' with DJ Bruce Wayne on Bang Radio (bangradio.fm) every Saturday 6pm - 8pm on 103.6fm.


Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Vocab Spills

taking a minor break till march to work on plans for the mixes.

2 mixes will be up by the first sunday of march including a sunz of man special.

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Wednesday, 10 February 2010


BBC Music - M9 144,000 Review

"This is a record that wears its dark heart quite literally on its sleeve"

Angus Taylor 2008-11-07

The campaign to return hip hop to weightier issues continues with this defiantly gloomy and wordy effort from East London MC, sometime Triple Darkness member and Malachi Z acolyte, M9. The M stands for Melanin, a key motif in Dr Z's Nuwaupian teachings, while the title of his album 144,000 refers to the 12,000 members of each of the 12 tribes of Israel as mentioned in the book of Revelation. If you enjoy being schooled on a variety of subjects with your music, this album’s curriculum is as packed as they come.

In addition to their more numinous ingredients, the lyrics exhibit a keen interest in science, during Dark Matter and Table Of Elements, as well as the arts and humanities throughout Paint Brush. A mystical world of ancient scripture and eschatological prediction is contrasted with the harsh here and now of life in the protagonists' district of "Crackney" cast as a place of poverty neglect and myriad petty disappointments. Crucially, unlike some other underground artists (whose rejection of mainstream hip hop masks the uncomfortable truth that mainstream hip hop wouldn't have them) the capabilities of M9 and his Triple Darkness affiliates Cyrus Malachi and Nasheron are impressive to say the least. Some of the beats - by Chemo, Beat Butcha and John Phonics – take their inspiration from the jazz loops and hi frequency noises formula of Premier; many are strewn with spoken word samples such as the Easy Andy scene in the film Taxi Driver.

At a hefty 18 tracks, the unrelenting grimness and didacticism of these tales and revelations may wear on the uninitiated. That said, you can't deny the proficiency on display, and, since this is a record that wears its dark heart quite literally on its sleeve, if you buy it expecting something different, you have only yourself to blame.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Triple Darkness / Jon Phonics Live Radio Cypher

Triple Darkness Live on DJ Roast's Sunday Roast Radio Show over Jon Phonics instrumentals. MC's Left to Right: Young Roots, M9 & Cyrus Malachi

M9 & Prophet - State Of Hip Hop

Jon Phonics - Half Past Calm

1. State Of Hip Hop - M9 & Prophet
2. Remember - T-Bear, Sir Smurf Lil' & Raggo Zulu Rebel
3. Nothing Wrong - Mr Drastick & Luc Skyz
4. The Lions Den - Cyrus Malachi
5. Black Tragedy (Half Past Calm Mix) - Phoenix Da Icefire, Iverse & Prophet
6. More Forward (Ill Rhythmikz Remix) - T-Bear
7. Alternate Take - Verb T & Fliptrix
8. Lost Planet - M9
9. In The Ends - Sir Smurf LIl'
10. Forbidden Chamber - Nine Planets
11. Jealousy's A Bitch - Mr Drastick & Verb T
12. Celebrate - T-Bear
13. More Forward - T-Bear

DOWNLOAD Jon Phonics - Half Past Calm


Thursday, 4 February 2010

BritishHipHop.co.uk M9 High Fidelity Review

BritishHipHop.co.uk M9 High Fidelity Review
M9 has been sat in my backlog of reviews, but I'm sorry that this has been the case as this boys skills are ridiculous. He has an intense rhyming style that takes no prisoners. Melanin 9 breathes new life into a genre that has seemingly been entering its last days.

Apparently he is part of the Triple Darkness click comprising Cyrus Malachi and Nasheron and can be heard on the Phalanx Heresy stuff as well. M9 has a complex flow that has the intricacies of say, a Jehst, but also has a deep gravity and verities that gives him a harder edge. Interline rhyme schemes abound amongst gritty street reportage along side examinations of the Illuminate and instructions for surviving the grimy streets.

M9 is obviously well schooled with A1 influences and an educated mind that is able to impart knowledge of the ancients whilst making it relevant to today. M9’s flow is absolutely unstoppable and he keeps up the vibe throughout the 16 track album. Each track follows on quickly from the previous one giving the listener little time to take it all in. In fact to take it all in you’ll need to give this a few listens.

The LP kicks off with a multi layered and deceptively mellow intro which is laced with a funky bass and a variety of poignant vocal samples. The first words we hear are ‘High Fidelity’ which perversely come on a track which has an annoying electrical buzz in the recording. Regardless the track is fat and also introduces us to the other Triple Darkness MCs who guest on this.

Lock And Load has a perfect bass line which intermingles with the drums and the vocal flow for a hard hitting head nodder. It is had to point to stand out tracks, but you have to be feeling the sheer harshness of Holy Water which features Phoenix Da IceFire, or the piano riffed The Generation Gap which follows directly.

The double paced rapping of 4 Souls demonstrates how M9 can seemingly get his spits out without breathing. One of the few easier going tracks is Last Dayz, but this still tries to open your eyes to some serious issues.

Chemo has produced several of the beats on here and he is certainly making a name for himself with his top notch beats and superb mixdowns. Beat Butcha also provides a beat or two, so you just know that the beats are going to be obese. Mostly mid tempo bangers they are made to sound more frantic due to the barrage of words from M9.

Overall this is a tremendous LP which hits with a lot more energy and vibrancy than many of the offerings I have heard recently. Yeah, it must be hard for M9 to perform live and remember all his lines, but on wax he stands out from the pack and I'll be checking for him in the future.

M9 - High Fidelity [Triple Darkness]

<a href="http://m9ether.bandcamp.com/album/m9-high-fidelity">M9 - High Fidelity by melanin 9 aka m9</a>

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