Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Iron Braydz - Devil May Cry

This MC, lyricist and producer brings immense passion and energy to his performances like his incredible effort at the Royal Festival Halls main Foyer with a 27 piece orchestra. Iron Braydz has rocked audiences alongside members of Hip Hop royalty (US and UK) including M1 of Dead Prez, Public Enemy, Saigon, Immortal Technique and RZA of Wu-Tang Clan. This rapper is not afraid to deal with politically controversial content in an intelligent and thought provoking way. He has solidified his presence within the UK Hip Hop scene and is now working his way up the US underground scene after recording Hip Hop bangers with the likes of Guilty Simpson, Sean P, M1 of dead prez, Akir, Hasan Salaam, Sav Killz (Braydz and Sav are part of the movement, All Elements founded by DJ J ronin) and many more with his unique style. "I'm hearing some DOPE home grown talent, cats are SLIPPIN in the states!" is the very words that left the mouth of Legendary DJ Marley Marl on 279's Friday night flavors.

Devil May Cry is his first ever solo project, "not album or mixtape, PROJECT" he so passionately states. featuring guest appearances from Hip Hop greats and close friends such as M9, Cyrus Malachi, Guilty Simpson, Sav Killz and many more. "Devil May Cry is on some straight gritty sounding Hardcore Hip Hop tip, I'm doing this for me and my A-alike, and who ever is down of course, I love Hip Hop, and this isa demostration of how deep our conversations can get". This project also features productions from close Friend Chemo, IronBraydz also know by his producer alias IronChrome and up and coming legends Morph beats and Props, and has been mastered by the well-resecpted producer & artist Baby J.

IronBraydz is currently co-hosts his own show 'Iron Rap' with DJ Bruce Wayne on Bang Radio ( every Saturday 6pm - 8pm on 103.6fm.


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