Thursday, 20 December 2012

Black Sheep review (OCT 2012)

British hip-hop of the last few years seems to pay homage to the history of artists past. Much of the production is thoughtful, nuanced, complative in mood, but laced with attitude, where and when required.
Lyrically dense and descriptively vivid, U.K rapper Melanin 9 is a talented artist in an era where the art form is left to a few brave souls to fly a flag that’s a bit tatty and dog-eared , with many of its former fans now listening to dubstep. With hip-hop diluted to a corporate sound bite, a cereal box ad, a sexualised Barbie doll or just a throwaway commodity, Melanin 9’s takes things back to the essence- paying respect to the art form that he’s chosen to work with, but giving it that dog-shit soiled, grey-cracked pavement, foggy and dull &

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