Thursday, 20 December 2012

Hip Hop Kings Review (NOV 2012)

The adjective “beautiful” is rarely connected with anything musical, never mind speaking specifically within the Hip-Hop world, so when it was the word of choice to summarise M9’s upcoming album “Magna Carta” I surprised myself. Don’t confuse the aforementioned statement with doubt, there’s no question that Magna Carta (Great Charter in Latin) is without a doubt one of the most soulful, heartfelt and honest pieces of music I’ve heard in a long time. With this comes great risk, however M9 has clearly taken a brave, yet truthful approach to Magna Carta and I’m pleased to say it couldn’t have turned out any better.
Magna Carta is a no-compromise piece of art that stands strong in a league of its own, with the team of producers and guest features who have been brought into the project contributing positively to the record. The likes of Triple Darnkess, Roc Marciano and Madame Pepper lend their vocal talents on a number of tracks, while U.K heavyweight Jehst, Anatomy and 7th Dan amongst others are responsible for the production of the music. M9 has carefully selected the artists who he’s worked with, and once again got it absolutely right.


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